Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ultimate Sex Chair

It's time for me to talk about sex. Let me say it immediately : The Tantra Chair is the most amazing thing that ever happened to my sex life, ever.

When I was looking at the videos on the website before buying, I was like "mmh interesting", but I could never understand the true power of this design until I had tried it myself a few times. It just doesn't click by watching videos or reading descriptions. It's like a guarded secret that only those who tried it long enough can get. When I think about it, it really makes sense, otherwise the Tantra Chair would surely be much more popular than it currently is. If more people would understand, the Tantra Chair would quickly become the second most essential item for a bedroom after the bed (if not the first… after all, we can sleep on the floor… but making love without a Tantra Chair ? are you kidding ?)

I say this because, I am aware that my explanations about "why" the design so amazingly enhances sex will not make you click about it. In the end, you will have to experience yourself, getting adjusted to it, to really realize. So I will go on with my chatter, but don't take my word for it… This is a body thing, it has to do with the way the human body is designed and the way the brain interprets space. You can think you understand everything about it but in fact you don't until you go through it with your own body.

So what ? Well, ok, let me try to put some explanations on this. Let's start with the bottom of this thing, the feet. Oh my ! Now I realize how important my feet are. The width of the Tantra Chair is perfect to have the feet on each side while having optimal body support. Having the feet on the ground and being able to balance the body with the help of the ground is priceless. Apart from the obvious balancing and grounding reasons that open up a whole new world of positions, it seems that there must be some channels in the human body that make it much easier to control ejaculation having a direct contact with the ground. I don't know much about the esoterics of it, but my experience clearly tells me that there is something really important here.

If the feet connection to the floor is important, the other extremity of the body benefits from the Tantra Chair as well. Having the head in a vertical position in most positions on the Tantra Chair really changes a lot from the usual lying down posture and horizontally inclined head. I think it is no coincidence that we are sleeping with the head horizontal, it switches something off in the consciousness and affects the awareness of the environment. When it comes to really BE THERE, nothing can beat a straight head. Come on, how can you be fully satisfied when you are half there ?

Now I know that everyone has already had sex with a straight head and the feet on the ground. What is different in the Tantra Chair experience is that the body always naturally comes back to that erected position while being fully supported and thus most lovemaking happens with an erected head. It is one thing to make love with an erected head from time to time and it is another to have this position as the natural, most common one. When you face your lovemaking with a straight head, there is something that is gradually shifting in once's relationship with sex. I must say I have found myself more and more fully satisfied by the sharings. Going into sex more and more from a place of fullness rather than from frustration. It makes me wonder : why are people going half off by going into sex with an horizontal head ? Maybe they just don't know better ?

Another point I would like to draw the attention to is the shape of the Chair. That famous wave is amazing in a number of ways and I will not detail all of them right here right now. Firstly, when you move a few centimers up or down, the angle always changes. This very easy change of the angle of the support is a key. It's not only that it offers thousands of variations of each position but also that you so easily and fluently move from one variant to the other, from one angle to the other, without straining your muscles. The pictures and videos on the website don't show this because they show mostly static positions. So, yeah, there is an infinity of static positions, but what is even more amazing is that we are flowing from one variation to another without thinking about it.

Another great stuff with this design is that, with the help of the curvature of the chair, a very small movement of the hips, or a little upward pressure of the legs that require no effort at all can translate in a vertical or oblique thrust of the genital area. We are actually using the force of gravity, the curvature of the support and the balance of the body to generate the movement. It is thus possible to keep going for periods of time that are not limited by the endurance of our muscles ! This one really would require a whole dynamic presentation for you to picture correctly but, believe me, it is amazing.

Ok folks, that was a long post already, probably the most significant one, and I feel I have only scratched the subject so I will have to keep coming with MORE !


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying the Tantra Chair for the first time - clothes on

Since I was home alone, I started to try the Tantra Chair on my own. I was sitting at different places, lying down with legs down, legs up and even stretching. I really enjoyed being on that wave shape. The cushion is really dense, it gives an amazing support. It is not possible to press strong enough to go all the way through the foam, even when standing on the chair on one feet (don't try that one home alone !). It feels extremely robust. The leather is great too.
When my partner came back home we started playing on the Tantra Chair with the clothes on. It felt wonderful from the start.

We had to get used to the new space for two people but we loved it immediately.
There really is an amazing feeling of closeness when we are sitting face to face. Our abdomen area can come as close to each other as we like without putting any strain to the legs of the one who has the legs underneath. This is because of the wave shape that allows the person who has the legs on top to be sitting slightly higher than the other. It is absolutely brilliant. We could stay together in this position for hours as there is no stress to any part of the body. The feet are comfortably resting on the ground, providing support. The arms are completely free and never needed to provide support or balance. Since the body of our partner is very accessible (unlike on a bed where about 180 degrees of the body is hidden by the bed), it really invites to touch, caresses, strokes, massage.
This face to face position is actually very relaxing. We started talking and laughing and I realized that it was a great place for casual sharings like talking, looking at each other, hugging, …

In our daily life, what are the spaces where we can have these deep talkings that require to be really connected and present to each other ? These talks during which important decisions are made about our shared life, the children and so forth. Or these talks that contribute to create a sense of really being a team and that build up trust and love. Some people have them at the restaurant, with a table between them. Some people have them in the car, not even facing each other. Some people have them in a couch, again not really able to face each other or only very partially. Some people have them in a bed, choosing the lying down position and thus reducing their level of consciousness and presence. Maybe some people will take two chairs and put them in front of each other without table, or simply sit on the floor in front of each other. This sounds like the best solution as it is face to face, straight position, without obstacle in between the two persons. Yet, there is absolutely no freedom of movement and almost no physical connection in this set up. It is only upon trying the Tantra Chair that all this came to my mind. The feeling of closeness, connectedness and comfort that this design automatically creates for two people just does not compare with any set up used by modern man. Even without words, sitting together on the Tantra Chair creates this connection between the two persons. It will sound stupid but it feels a bit like finding each other together for the first time.

After this clothes-on try, we were really looking forward to try it without clothes. I will talk about it in my next post.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Unpacking the Tantra Chair

My first impression after opening the huge box was more than positive. It looks like a masterpiece from a designer shop. The quality of fabrication is really high and it feels very robust. I was also pleased by the overall appearance of the special wave-like shape. The feeling of the synthetic leather was great. ZenByDesign claims that this is the best synthetic leather in the world. I don't know anything about that, but I definitely understand the choice of synthetic over real leather. This leather feels like nothing can break it and damaging it would be really challenging. It might be possible if you are into metal nails, SM underwear and stuff but otherwise I trust it stays good for many years. The positive of that leather is that it cannot be stained. Blood, melted chocolate, whipped cream, massage oil, you name it. Just have fun and don't think about it. The cleaning is a breeze. Hot water and that's it.

The Tantra Chair sits very well protected in its box, surrounded by big pieces of foam. Taking the Tantra Chair out of its huge box (some 2 meters long and 70 cm high) is easier if you put the box on the side and put a carpet next to it to avoid any damage to the leather when you pull the chair out. Then I only had to screw the 4 feet, turning it around, and the Tantra Chair was ready to use. Note that the female screws on the bottom of the Tantra Chair allow to replace the feet provided by others of different style or different height. I didn't try tough since I found the ones provided perfect for us. 

Moving the Tantra Chair around and to its final position is easier than I thought initially. This is due to the relatively low weight (45 kg) given the size of the Tantra Chair. The obvious way to move it around is to hold it on person on each end, but I found an even easier method : I take it alone on my back and I am free to move around and up and down the stairs easily. This method is especially useful in relatively small spaces where two persons are struggling. It's hard to believe that it can be easier to carry it alone, but it is. I will post an explanation of my technique if someone is interested.

Despite its relatively low weight, the Tantra Chair feels very solid, I don't think two fat people could break it even if they would jump on it simultaneously.  Not that I am fat, or that I would try, but I never heard any noise from the structure suggesting a weakness.

After installing the Tantra Chair in its final position and play with it a little bit on my own, I immediately noticed that I needed to put some rubber under the feets to avoid it to slip. My room has wooden floor and the feet has a plastic pastille that makes the chair quite slippery on wood and tiles (it won't move on carpets). If you have hard floor, you need to put something under these feets to avoid slipping.

I was just so excited and amazed by this piece of furniture from this very beginning. Only minus of this first experience with the Tantra Chair : I didn't find any user's manual or position guide in the box. You can find them online but it would have been nice to have a paper version.

I will be coming shortly with A LOT more. Stay tuned.


Friday, June 10, 2011

This blog

My goal with this blog is simply to share my experience with the Tantra Chair. The Tantra Chair is a piece of furniture designed to support lovemaking. You can learn more on the website and see pictures on I fell in love with it for several reasons and I feel like explaining why. You may think that their website is self-explanatory enough, but I personally would disagree. There is really a lot to say about this design and simply showing some sexual positions reduces the Tantra Chair to an expensive sex toy, which, by all means, it is not.

Three months ago (March 2011), I ordered a Tantra Chair on their european website. It was delivered the following week here in Sweden, in front of my door.

So I am not going to post erotic pictures or give detailed report of sexual positions and stuff like that ! If you are after erotism or pornography, don't expect anything here. The point of this blog is not about sex, but about how the Tantra Chair helped to change my experience of sex and how the Tantra Chair affected my relationship in general.

I hope to lead you through an interesting journey,